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One of the most common methods of getting rid of waste out of your colon is an enema. It’s a sensitive subject, and many people feel embarrassed talking about it, but there are situations when a simple procedure like this can save you a lot of trouble. Take a congested colon for example. When methods like hydration and laxatives fail, an enema is your best option of not going to the emergency room with a bowel obstruction.

SoulGenie The HealthAndYoga Enema Bag Kit
complete kit includes silicone tubing, nozzles and accessories
compact, foldable for hassle-free, easy Enemas
fully compatible with the tubing supplied
HealthGoodsIn Enema Bag Kit
2 Quart Elegant Blue Color Bag
2 straight nozzle (for the enema and hose) + 1 Colon Tip (12 FG) + Instruction Leaflet
Reusable and easy to assemble
Aussie Health Premium Enema Kit
FDA Listed enema kit designed for Australian and American health standards
Clear silicone for total visibility of liquid
Drawstring storage bag for storing your colonic irrigation kit
An enema cleans the colon and induces bowel movement. It makes you feel lighter and healthier is some cases. The primary purpose of the colon is to absorb water and nutrients from food and eliminate toxins and waste. However, in some cases, as time passes by, the walls of the colon can become encrusted with non-eliminated waste, which can lead to slow peristalsis. As a result, you feel constipated.

Who needs and an enema?

The truth is that in the last few years a new trend emerged. Enemas were no longer an uncomfortablesubject, and everyone wanted to do it? Why? Because people think that it’s good for your body. But not everyone needs one. You can’t just wake up one day, read a piece about enemas and how they are good for you, and then buy yourself an enema kit. So who needs it?

  • People who have problems with their digestive tract, and I am talking about congestion here. Some of you may not be so lucky to have a healthy, regular bowel movement, no matter how careful you are with your diet. That is why you need an enema kit. When you get to “full,” just use the kit, and you will feel relieved. However, don’t abuse this habit. Otherwise, you will not be able to go to the bathroom without an enema. Trust me, you don’t want that. Instead, try experimenting with your food and fiber intake.
  • People who are getting ready for a colonoscopy. In order for the doctor to have a clear view of your colon, you must first prepare. An enema is an ideal way to clean it. You don’t want to repeat the colonoscopy because of an obstructed view, do you?
  • People who have to undergo capsule endoscopy. The camera will record the entire trip of the capsule throughout, so your doctor is able to analyze your digestive system up to bottom. Too much waste in your colon will obstruct the view of the camera, just as I said previously.
  • People who want to lose weight. This is some kind of last resort just so you know. It is not recommended to go directly for enemas. Try diet and exercise first, and then ultimate solutions like this one. What actually happens is that you empty your colon before the body can extract the nutrients it needs, which lead to weight loss.

…and many other people with real medical issues. The point is that don’t use enema kits just because you saw I don’t know which star is doing it. Its purpose it not to fulfill a trend, but to improve your health when you need it to.

How to correctly perform an enema so you can enjoy all benefits

There is such thing as a poorly performed enema.In order to enjoy all benefits, you must first do some research and learn how to do one the right way. Here are the steps you need to follow. Purchase an enema kit and read all the instructions before administering it. You need to learn how to attach the tubes and the nozzle properly. Make sure that it’s done first thing in the morning, after a bowel movement preferably. If you ate in the last few hours, the entire process would be uncomfortable and not very efficient. Gather a few large, old towels and a quart of filtered water at room temperature. The oil for lubrication is optional, so if you can do without, that’s fine. Find a place in a bathroom or someone near it to hang the bag 2-3 feet above the floor. It’s very important to be near the toilet, just in case you have to use it immediately. Pour the water into the enema bag and hang it up. Let the water run to the other end of the tube and then clamp it. It’s important not to have air pockets in the tube. Lie on your back or left side, draw your knees to your chest and then insert the nozzle into your anus, about 3 inches. It is recommended that you lubricate your anus first. If you feel resistance inside, stop. When you feel comfortable, release the clamp and let the water enter your body. Keep the clamp by your side so you can have control over the flow. Relax and take deep breaths. Pay attention to your body’s response. If cramps occur, slow down the flow or stop. Take in as much water as you can hold, and try to keep it as long as possible, but not under 2-3 minutes. Then remove the nozzle and sit on the toilet to release. You can repeat as many times necessary until you get satisfactory results. Don’t forget to take a probiotic after. The enema took down a few of the healthy bacteria, and you need them. Don’t repeat the enema too often, or your colon will become dependent on you to do its job.


The benefits of an enema are amazing for your health, but if you do it too often, there are risks you subject your body to. For starters, your colon will become lazy and will rely on you to encourage peristalsis. You can interfere with the body’s natural absorption of nutrients. If you want to do it yourself in the comfort of your own home, talk to your doctor first. Sometimes enemas can have side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. You could also harm the rectum. So be careful and do some proper research first.

What are the best enema kits?

If you decide that you need an enema bag, don’t underestimate a high-quality product. Be careful to whatyou’re buying. It’s not just a bag with a long tube. Look for something that doesn’t contain toxins and that are easy to assemble and use. Think about the fact that everything that it’s in that bag will enter your body Here are the best enema kits that will give you peace of mind.

SoulGenie The HealthAndYoga Enema Bag Kit

Click here to buy on Amazon

Give up the 2-quarthotwater bottle systems and adapters and replace them with this enema kit. The bottles have an increased chance of leaking because of the poor fittings. You cannot clean them properly because you don’t have access inside the bottle and many other issues. But this fountain bag is everything you want in an enema kit. It has an open top for filling and cleaning. The latter is very important, especially if you use all kinds of additives. You don’t have to hang it upside-down. Just put it upright. There are no adapters, and the chances of finding leaks are slim to none. The bag comes with a silicone based tubing, which is far superior to a cheap PVC  hose that comes with most enema kits. That ensures a high-quality process. You will even receive a 20 inches PVC flexible colon rectal tube. You can use it if you prefer deeper enemas and you want the liquid to reach higher up in your colon. The tips are disposable, but you can find them at a small price. The manufacturer has a special offer for SoulGenie clients. If you order the SoulGenie enema kit, you will receive the enema bag and the tubing with an adjustable pinch clamp. The latter will provide control over the water flow. If you are cramping during the whole process, you can simply slow down the flow until you reach a comfortable level. The nozzle is straight-through and can be used for your douche as well. You will get a hook and one colon tube tip. The package includes a manual that will teach you how to assemble the kit and make the most of your enema. Also, if you don’t want to feel embarrassed when you receive your order, you should know that it is packaged discreetly. Nobody will know what you have in there. As a bonus, you will also get an Enema bag that will ensure discreet storage and is suitable for traveling. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

HealthGoodsIn Enema Bag Kit

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This is an elegant blue 2-quart enema bag that will satisfy your needs. I can’t go as far to say that it will make your experience more pleasant, but you will be happy with the results, and the fact that you have a high-quality enema kit will put your mind at ease. The bag is made of natural rubber latex. There are no toxins in the material. At first, you will notice the rubber smell, but it is made of rubber after all. All you have to do is wash it with warm water, and the smell will be gone in no time. The top is perfect for filling and cleaning. If you perform enemas with different additives, like oils, you can even stick your hand in it and give it a proper scrub. Following basic hygienic rules will be a piece of cake. It is very easy to assemble, the manual will tell you how, step by step. You can discreetly store it in a drawstring fiber bag that comes along with the kit. It is more hygienic if you keep it enclosed in a bag that stacking it on a shelf. The package includes the enema bag, the tubing, and 2 straight nozzles, for both enema and hose. You will also receive one colon tip and an additional disposable enema sheet to prevent seepage. The sheet is laminated, so nothing will get past it. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Aussie Health Premium Enema Kit

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This enema kit was designed in accordance with Australian and American health standards. It is FDA listed and made of medical grade silicone. It is odorless, reusable, BPA and phthalates free. The tips are made of PVC. Nothing says premium care better than this kit. The enema bag is completely transparent, which makes the liquid entirely visible. The tubing measures 6.5 feet in length, and it comes with a sturdy clamp for easy flow control. The open fountain top will allow proper cleaning. Especially if you perform coffee, oil, or any other kind of enemas. You can use it while you are traveling, in or out of the shower. Your package will contain the 2-quart enema bag, the high-quality tubing with the strong clamp, a metal hook, the nozzles, a bonus nozzle for colon irrigation, and 3 flexible, soft, slimline tips for a pain-free insertion. You will also receive a drawstring storage fiber bag that is ideal for traveling and storage at home. Keeping your enema in a clean environment is of the utmost importance. An enema is supposed to get rid of toxins and waste, not add some bacteria to your colon. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

All three products have good reviews, and a lot of people seem to be satisfied with the results. But in my opinion, the Aussie Health Enema Kit is the best enema bag I’ve seen in a while. It may not seem very different than the other two products, but the fact that it is FDA listed and the material is a high-quality silicone free of toxins, makes me think that this is the product you want.


An enema has a lot of benefits, depending on your situation. From a simple case of constipation to postcolon cancer surgery, an enema will help you with whatever issues you are confronted with. Just make sure to invest in the best enema kit. It may look like an easy task, but if you do a little research, you will see that nothing is as easy as it seems. Click here to buy on Amazon

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